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The Da Vinci Codex is Missing!
But the ORIGINAL thriller about Leonardo, art and religion is BACK in print.

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A Sample of Lew's Other Sites

  • Daughter of God, The original art and Vatican conspiracy thriller about religion and the search for the lost Goddess in Christianity.
  • LewisPerdue.Com, Finally, all of my books in one place. Programming by my son, William Perdue, 10. This site is being added to daily.
  • Excitable Boy Blog, Started a blog through the Google-owned BlogSpot. The name is a tribute to the late songwriter Warren Zevon.
  • Publisher's Marketplace, This is my author's page on Publisher's Marketplace which is a must site for anyone in book publishing.
  • The Militant Majority -  Taking Back Democracy for the Majority. The case for a binding "None of the Above" Vote.
  • EroticaBiz.Com, Keep up on how adult content has shaped the Internet as it exists today.
  • Pathetic Bell, The Official Contra-Tribute Site for Pacific Bell; don't get mad, get even.

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