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Lewis Perdue: Author, Technologist, Biomedical Researcher, AI Pioneer, Health Journalist



Chief Marketing Officer, TM Technologies, Inc., Kalpana (acquired by Cisco), Lynx Software Systems. Journalist: TheStreet.Com (IPO, 2000), Internet.Com (IPO, 2000). Publisher: WineBusiness.Com (founded 1991, sold 1997), Wine Industry Insight, (founded 2008, became largest in North America, sold 2023).

Invented & developed Clans Machine Learning Algorithm (being brought to market by Revolution Algorithms) which surmounts the failures of all current methods such as those used by Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and others. This site -- Recommendation Insights describes the flaws that Clans solves.

Designer of first mobile phone payment system, (Pocketpass, founded 1999, acquired by SVC Financial, 2003)


Chairman, Center for Research on Environmental Chemicals in Humans

Co-Principal Investigator, Stealth Syndromes Human Study


  • Westinghouse, Cornell, Independent Study,, StealthEpidemic.Com
  • Design of a DNA referential difference analysis engine, 1992
  • Nuclear engineering, spectroscopy, interstellar particle physics, high-energy particle accelerators, plasma physics, ultra-low vacuum containment systems,laser technology.
  • Westinghouse (Now Intel) Science Talent Search finalist and International Science Fair medalist. Winner of 20+ awards for original research from NASA, U.S. Air Force, AAAS.

Faculty Member

Cornell University, UCLA, Sonoma State University


New York Times best-selling author of 22 published fiction and non-fiction books including three on science and technology.

Former Publisher at: Wine Industry Insight,  Renaissance Publishing, Wine Business Publications.


Wall Street Journal Online, TheStreet.Com, New Scientist, Marketwatch, Gannett, Forbes ASAP, Barron's, Business, California Magazine, LA Magazine, LA Times. Boston Globe, Washington Post, The Nation, Washington Monthly, InfoWorld, PC World, TechWeek, Embedded Systems Journal, Computer Currents. Many others.

Washington bureau correspondent (covering the White House and Congress), Dow Jones/Ottaway Newspapers, States News Service and for the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Sentinel; reporter, Elmira (N.Y.) Star-Gazette, Ithaca (N.Y.) Journal; weekly columnist, Gannett News Service; Editorial page editor, Santa Monica Evening Outlook (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing).


In addition to the above, I have:

  • Served as a top aide to a U.S. Senator, a state governor and managed political campaigns at the local, state and Congressional levels.
  • Founded Wines West, a wine importer/wholesaler/distributor.


  • B.S. (with distinction) Cornell University, 1972
  • A.S. (Summa cum laude), State University of New York (Corning Community College) 1970.
  • Appointed Distinguished Alumnus of 2009 by Corning Community College Board of Trustees. Delivered commencement address for 50th graduation ceremony.